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Development in childhood is split into 4 major subtypes:

  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor and vision
  • Hearing & Speech
  • Social

Unfortunately I never found a more exciting or better way of learning this than rote learning the following table I made, but if you have any creative ideas feel free to let us know!

AgeGross MotorFine Motor and VisionHearing and SpeechSocial
BirthStartlesQuiets to voice
6-8 weeksHead can be briefly held upFixes and follows 90 degreesVocalisesSocial smile
3 monthsCan hold head up.
Loss of palmar grasp reflex.
Reaches to grasp.
Holds a rattle.
Can fix and follow to 180 degrees.
Turns to soundLaughs
4-5 monthsReaches out for toysPlays, hands together.SquealsExcited by food
6-9 monthsLifts head spontaneously.
Sits without support.
Transfers objects from hand to hand.Babbles.
Turns to voice.
Stranger awareness develops.
10-12 monthsCruises furnitureImmature pincer gripDouble syllable babble.Waves "bye-bye".
Plays peek-a-boo.
13 monthsWalks, aidedNeat pincer gripSingle wordsUnderstands "no".
Gives up a toy.
15 monthsWalks aloneTo and fro scribbleDomestic mimicry.
Indicates wants.
18 monthsRunsCan build a 3-block towerPoints to 1 body partDrinks from a cup.
Asks for food/drink.
2 yearsJumps with 2 feet together.
Throws overarm.
Can build a tower of 6-7 bricks.
Speaks 2 word sentences.
~50 words.
Can name 2 body parts.
Has difficulty sharing.
Can feed self with spoon.
3 yearsRides a tricycle.
Can go up and down stairs.
Can build a tower of 9-10 bricks.
Can make a train of bricks.
Can copy a circle.
Can say name, age, sex.
Asks "What's that?".
Counts to 10.
Can name 5 body parts.
Mostly toilet trained by day.
Can dress with help and undress self.
Can take turns.
4 yearsCan stand on one legCan copy a square or a cross.
Can build a 10-block tower.
Tells stories.
Uses past tense.
Can count to 20.
Dresses with help.
Parallel play with other children.
5 yearsSkipsDraws a man.
Copies a triangle.
Knows colours, age, address.Names a friend.
Comforts in distress.


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