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Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children can do at a certain age range. They are useful in tracking a child’s progress and enabling identification of developmental problems.  This is important as many of these issues can be resolved if recognised early.  Below is a summary of specific tasks a child would be expected to be capable of at that particular age.  Remember that this is only a rough guide.

6 Weeks

Gross motor – Limbs flexed. Head lag. Prone chin lifting.
Fine Motor – Follows person with moving eyes
Speech & Language – turns to sound
Social – smiles at mother, watches face

6 Months

Gross motor – Good head control, Roll over, Sit when held
Fine motor – Moves object hand-to-hand
Speech & Language – responsive to word “no” and changes in tone
Social – friendly to everyone, has likes and dislikes, talks to mirrors

12 Months

Gross motor – Sits unsupported. Lying -> Sitting. Pulls self up on furniture
Fine motor – Pincer Grip
Speech & Language – “dada” “mama”, knows the meaning of many words
Social – Stranger anxiety

15 Months

Gross Motor – Sitting to standing alone. Walks (unstable). Crawl upstairs
Fine Motor – Point to what they want. Tower of 2 bricks
Speech & Language – listens, enjoys songs
Social – understands many phrases

18 Months

Gross Motor – Steady gait. Run short distance
Fine Motor – Scribbles with crayon. Turns 2/3 pages
Speech & Development – can point to 2/3 parts of body

2 Years

Gross Motor – Up & downstairs. Climb furniture. Throw & kick ball
Fine Motor – Tower of 6 bricks. Vertical line. Shapes in slots
Speech & Language – asks for food/drink. 2/3 word sentences

3 Years

Gross Motor – Walks up stairs with alternating feet. Stand on one foot. Tricycle
Fine Motor – Tower of 9 cubes
Speech & Language – knows nursery rhymes, count to 10, two colours
Social – can undress & dress, needs help with buttons and which shoe

4 Years

Gross Motor – Walks down stairs using alternating feet. Hop on 1foot
Speech & Language – gives 1st and 2nd name
Social – can attend all toilet needs



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