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Free Medical Flashcards

If you'd like to support us and get something great in return, check out our OSCE Checklist Booklet containing over 120 OSCE checklists in PDF format. We've also just launched an OSCE Flashcard Collection which contains over 1500 cards.

We’re excited to announce the release of over 2500 free medical flashcards covering a broad range of topics available at geekyquiz.com. The flashcard bank will continue to grow over the coming months and if you’re interested in creating a deck, get in touch ([email protected]). We’ve provided a brief overview of our new flashcard feature below. πŸ™‚

If you’re interested in creating flashcards using the Geeky Medics flashcard app, you can learn more here.

Choose a flashcard deck

The flashcards are arranged into topic-based decks, to allow you to target the areas most important to your own learning.


Customise the deck

Before beginning to review cards, you can customise the deck, including the number of cards you want to review, whether you’ve previously gotten cards correct/incorrect and whether you want spaced repetition enabled.

Flashcard front

When you review each card, you’re presented with a question/task and also data on your previous interactions with the card (e.g. when you last reviewed the card and whether you got it correct or incorrect).

Flashcard back

When you’re ready, you can reveal the back of the card and check if you answered correctly. You can also bookmark cards that you want to review later from your profile.

Deck summary

Once you’ve reached the end of your deck, you get to see data on how you performed, including the cards you did or didn’t know.

Want to try it?

You can give the new flashcard feature a try at geekyquiz.com. We’d love to know what you think! πŸ™‚


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