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The Geeky Medics subscription bundles make it easy to purchase several of our products at a significant discount.

Choose your bundle to subscribe to based on your learning needs:

  • Clinical skills bundle 🩺
  • Knowledge bundle 🏥
  • Knowledge & skills bundle (purchase both together for the best discount!) 

All subscription purchases give access for 12 months and automatically auto-renew (you can cancel anytime). Each subscription to Geeky Medics helps support us in developing new features and content. 

Learn more about our bundles here

Clinical skills bundle

Refine your clinical skills with our OSCE-focused skills bundle.

Subscribing to our clinical skills bundle gives you access to:

Price: £30 (12 months access)

Knowledge bundle

Improve your understanding of medicine, surgery, prescribing and anatomy with our knowledge-focused bundle.

Subscribing to our knowledge bundle gives you access to:

  • 1950+ Medical finals questions 🏥
  • 540+ Prescribing safety assessment (PSA) questions 💊
  • 3037+ Medical & surgical flashcards 🗂️
  • 2012+ Anatomy flashcards 🫁
Price: £35 (12 months access)

Knowledge & skills bundle

Subscribing to both bundles (knowledge & skills) gives our best discount

Supercharge your learning with access to all our questions, flashcards and OSCE stations:

  • 693+ premium OSCE stations 🩺
  • 2909+ OSCE flashcards 🗂️
  • 1950+ Medical finals questions 🏥
  • 540+ PSA questions 💊
  • 3037+ Medical & surgical Flashcards 🔪
  • 2012+ Anatomy flashcards 🫁
  • Complete access to our new mobile app (coming soon) 👾
Price: £55 (12 months access)

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