OSCE Station Creator Tool

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We’ve built an intuitive tool that empowers anyone to easily create their own OSCE stations and share them with others. You can use the Geeky Medics ‘OSCE Station Creator‘ to build your own tailored OSCE bank packed with the OSCE scenarios most relevant to you.

Student instructions

The student instructionsΒ provide the patient’s presenting complaint and explain what the student should aim to achieve in the scenario such as:

  • Taking a history
  • Suggesting what systems to examine
  • Suggesting appropriate further investigations
  • Formulating a differential diagnosis
  • Discussing management options for the most likely diagnosis

Patient instructions/script

The patient instructions/script provides the person playing the role of the patient with information such as their symptoms and the background history (e.g. past medical history, social history).

Our OSCE Station Creator provides a simple editing interface, allowing you to build a script that is easy to read with all of the necessary details.

OSCE checklist (a.k.a. examiner’s instructions)

The examiner’s instructions provide an interactive checklist that the examiner uses to score the person playing the role of the student. Our OSCE Station Creator software makes it easy to create a checklist including the ability to use our bank of checklist templates for common OSCE stations as a foundation which you can then adapt to suit your needs.


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