PSA Question Author Application

PSA Author Role

We're looking for a brilliant individual who has previous experience writing/editing single best answer (SBA) questions. The role will involve reviewing SBA questions written by other Doctor's and making adjustments to ensure all questions meet a high standard and deliver excellent educational value. The chosen individual will be paid on a per question basis and will be provided with evidence of their involvement in the form of a certificate and letter of recommendation if required.
  • You need to have passed your PSA exam to be eligible for this role.
    To comply with European law, we need to ask for explicit consent before we are able to store the details you are submitting. We will use this information only for the purpose set out by the form and to contact you about your submission, it will not be used for marketing purposes. We will delete the data, once we have processed it. Should you want it deleting sooner, please contact us at [email protected]