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The Geeky Medics Quiz Maker tool allows anyone to create and share quizzes for free! Our advanced quiz creator software is designed to allow you to create practice questions and prepare for exams.

Creating and using practice questions is an excellent way to revise for medical exams. Our advanced quiz creator tool has been designed with healthcare students in mind and allows you to tailor your exam revision.

Try out the Quiz Maker tool HERE and let us know what you think! 🙂

Create a Quiz

Our advanced Quiz Maker Tool allows you to create quizzes freely and share them with others.

An image showing how to create a quiz using our quiz maker tool

Add questions to your quiz

Once you’ve created a quiz, the next step is to create and add questions to the quiz

Each question has four components:

  • The question: including a clinical scenario or image if required
  • Answer options: either multiple choice or free text
  • An explanation
  • Further reading link (optional)

Our Quiz Maker allows you to create a wide range of questions. For example, using our free quiz software, you could create:

  • Single best answer questions (similar to medical finals questions)
  • True/false questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Medium/long answer questions
  • Image questions: interpretation of imaging (e.g. x-rays), identifying anatomical structures, ECG interpretation

An image showing how to add a question using our quiz maker tool

Edit quiz and re-order questions

Once you’ve added questions, you can change the order in which the questions are displayed. Use our interactive drag-and-drop interface to arrange the order of questions in your quiz. You can also edit or delete questions. 

An image showing how to change the order of questions in our quiz maker tool

Try out the Quiz Creator tool HERE and let us know what you think! 🙂

Start your quiz or share it with others

Once you’ve created your quiz, it will be visible in the ‘My Quizzes‘ area. 

An image showing the My Quizzes area of our quiz creator tool

Here, you can start your quiz or share it with others using a unique URL. You can also edit your quiz and add additional questions. 

An image showing how to start or share a quiz with our quiz creator tool

Each question is displayed using our advanced quiz interface. After attempting each question, you are given feedback on the question, the question explanation and a link to further reading

Try out the Quiz Creator Tool HERE and let us know what you think! 🙂

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