UKMLA AKT Mock Exams

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The Geeky Medics Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA) AKT Mock ExamsΒ are designed to help you revise for the UKMLA Applied Knowledge Test (AKT).

Our UKMLA mock exams have been designed to reflect the real AKT. Each mock exam contains two 100-item papers (paper 1 and paper 2), matching the AKT format.

Key features

We currently have two mock exams available in our AKT question bank.

Realistic AKT preparation

Each mock exam comprises two AKT papers, each withΒ 100 SBA questions.

Our AKT papers are aligned with the UKMLA content mapΒ and the blueprint for the AKT exam. They have been written to reflect the same mix of question topics in the real AKT.Β 

Each paper is timed to help you prepare under exam conditions. You can add extra time if required.

AKT style questions

Questions in our mock exams have been written to match the style of questions in the real UKMLA AKT.

Every question is mapped to a condition or presentation within the UKMLA content map.Β 

Example AKT mock exam question
Example AKT mock exam question
Unique questions

Questions in our AKT mock exams are separate from our general AKT question bank.

This means you won’t encounter mock exam questions in the general question bank. This separation enables you to accurately assess your performance without recognising answers from previous questions!Β 

Detailed feedback

Our mock exam system providesΒ detailed feedback on your performance after you complete a paper.

You can see your performance at a glance and review each question in the paper. Comprehensive explanations are provided for every question to help you improve your performance.Β Β 

Our AKT question explanations are designed to help you improve yourΒ clinical reasoning skillsΒ by helping you understand the reasoning behind the correct answer.

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