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If you’ve ended up here you’re probably interested in our quiz project (MCQ / SBA),  so below is some more information on what it is and how to get involved. 🎉🎉🎉

We get lots of emails from people submitting excellent multiple choice questions, but we’ve never had a system to deal with this great content effectively, meaning lots of it never reaches the wider community, something we really weren’t happy with. We’ve been thinking about ways in which we can empower our incredibly passionate users to benefit the wider Geeky Medics community.

As a result we’ve been working on a new quiz system (MCQ / SBA), which allows you as an individual user to submit your questions which are added immediately to a question bank where other users can access them and benefit from your contribution. 🙌

You get to see the impact your contributions are having in your profile, where you can check out how many people have taken your questions, how they’ve answered, comments they’ve left and plenty of other interesting statistics.

Currently we’ve only enabled the question submission part of the Geeky Medics Quiz app, as we want to build the bank to an acceptable size before we allow users to start taking quizzes, to ensure we provide a great learning experience.

So, if you’re interested in helping with the first phase of this project follow this link and start submitting your best questions, we can’t wait to see them!

Also, if you encounter any issues, or have any suggestions for improvements, we’d love to hear them, just drop us an email at

Thanks guys

Geeky Medics 👾💉👾