Geeky Medics Quiz Platform

We get lots of people submitting excellent quizzes to us, but we’ve never had a system to deal with this great content effectively, meaning lots of it never reached the wider community, something we really weren’t happy with.

We’ve been thinking about how we can empower our incredibly passionate users to benefit the wider Geeky Medics community and also make sure they feel great whilst doing it!

As a result, we’ve developed Geeky Quiz (, which allows anyone to take a quiz on topics of their choosing; easily, for free?


Our quiz platform keeps track of performance, allowing you to monitor your progress and identify the topics that need more work. Our spaced repetition feature allows you to focus more on the areas you find most challenging and less on those you’ve mastered. We also create quizzes that focus on topics like ECG interpretation.e

You can also print out a personalised PDF certificate which highlights the number of questions you’ve answered and the categories you’ve worked on most.


We’ve built powerful functionality into the platform that allows any user to write their own questions, create their own quizzes and write their own flashcards and share them with their own audience and the wider Geeky Medics community. As an educator, you get to see the impact of your contributions in your profile, where you get statistics on how many people have answered your questions, the answers they’ve given and in which countries you’re having the greatest educational impact. You can check out quizzes that have already been created by the Geeky Medics community here.

Our quiz platform allows you to create quizzes and then share them with others easily via a simple link. This feature is ideal for teachers who want to be able to share quizzes with students and also for peer-to-peer learning.

You can print out a personalised PDF certificate at any time which highlights the impact of your contributions to the medical education community.

You’ll also earn geeky achievements as you reach various milestones.


Our platform encourages discussion around content, enabling educators to interact with students and peers to learn from each other. Authors are notified of comments on their questions, allowing them to respond and provide further educational value to the community.


All users can also generate a personalised certificate that includes statistics on the impact of their contributions, including how many times their questions have been answered and in which countries their questions are providing the most educational value.

Please read our guidelines before writing questions, as this will allow you to structure your content appropriately and increase the chances of your questions being published.