OSCE Stations

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OSCE practice made easy with our OSCE cases

The Geeky Medics bank of 800+ OSCE stations provides everything you need to practise your clinical skills and prepare for your OSCEs.

Each station includes the following 3 components:

  • Student instructions (the brief before beginning a station)
  • Patient script (explaining the symptoms/signs the patient should report/demonstrate)
  • Examiner checklist (an interactive checklist of the key points to assess the student)

Our collection of OSCE cases includes a wide variety of station types including:

  • Clinical examination (e.g. cardiovascular examination)
  • Procedures (e.g. intravenous cannulation)
  • Communication skills (e.g. history taking, counselling)
  • Data interpretation (e.g. ECG, CXR, AXR, ABG, CTG, TFT)
  • Emergency assessment (ABCDE simulation-style scenarios)

OSCE cases with mark schemes and answers

Each OSCE station comes with a set of relevant questions covering key learning points such as further investigations, differential diagnosis, management and complications.

Ideal for students of all stages

Our OSCE bank (a.k.a. OSCE cases) is ideal for students at all stages of training including those wanting to practice OSCE stations for medical finals. We also provide free sample OSCE stations for all of the station types.

Try out the OSCE Stations and let us know what you think! 🙂
OSCE Stations - OSCE Practice
OSCE stations

Easily create a mock OSCE circuit for FREE

You can use our software to build and run a mock OSCE easily by choosing from our selection of high-quality mock stations and any you’ve created yourself using our intuitive OSCE Creator Tool

Simply create a circuit by tapping the ‘Add to circuit’ button on the stations you want to include in the mock OSCE circuit and then share this with those who want to participate.

You can then use our ‘Group Study Mode’ to assign roles (e.g. student, examiner, patient) for each station easily using a PIN.

We’ve produced a brief video showing you how you can create your own OSCE stations and then organise them into circuits to share with others. 🙂

How do I prepare for my OSCEs?

The key to OSCE preparation is practice and our OSCE stations make that easy by providing everything you need including student, patient and examiner instructions.

Student instructions

The student instructions provide an outline of what skill the person playing the student role will be expected to demonstrate in the station (e.g. “A 41-year-old man has presented for assessment. His presenting complaint is severe back pain. Please take a history, suggest appropriate systems to examine and further investigations to perform.”).

Patient instructions/script

The patient instructions provide a detailed script, allowing the person playing the patient to convey a realistic clinical presentation, including example phrases and advice on what information they should hold back unless directly asked.

Examiner instructions

The examiner’s instructions provide the person playing the role of the assessor with an adjustable timer and a detailed checklist of the key points that are expected to be covered in the OSCE station. In addition, the checklist contains a list of further questions the examiner can ask the student at the end of the station.

OSCE Station Example
OSCE station overview example

OSCE group study mode

You can also use our software to study as a group easily by sharing a PIN with friends and assigning them their relevant roles (e.g. examiner, patient, student).

OSCE group study practice
OSCE group study practice

Let us match you with someone for OSCE practice

You can even find another student to practice with using our OSCE matching mode! With just a single click/tap you’ll be matched with another geeky medic, allowing you to then chat via audio and decide what station you want to practice. 🙂

Alternatively, you can join our community chat server and coordinate a group session with some fellow Geeky Medics. 🙌



OSCE performance analysis

The Geeky Medics platform also allows you to gain key insights into your strengths and weaknesses and track your performance over time including:

  • Overall score
  • Detailed data on key points you missed
  • Duration of each station attempt

This is one of the key advantages our OSCE stations have over OSCE station PDFs.

Try out the OSCE Stations and let us know what you think! 🙂
OSCE Stations
OSCE station summary example

Create your own OSCE stations

You can also create your own bank of OSCE stations for free using our ‘OSCE Station Creator‘ and then share them with others.

You can learn more about our OSCE Station Creator here.


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