Geeky Medics App

Clinical skills at your fingertips.

The Geeky Medics app provides a comprehensive collection of clinical skills guides in an intuitive interface. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

All of the guides you need in one place

Our app is packed with over 150 guides covering key clinical skills. In addition, all text and image content is accessible without an internet connection.

Watch video demonstrations

Grasp clinical techniques quickly using our collection of over 40 video demonstrations (internet connection is required).

Over 1000 high-resolution images

Quickly swipe through images of key steps to refresh your memory of a particular clinical skill.

Interactive mark schemes

Put yourself or colleagues to the test using our built-in exam mode.

Interpret investigations with ease

Learn how to interpret an ECG, ABG, CXR, AXR and more with our data interpretation guides.

Access your favourite guides quickly

Quickly access the guides most important to you with our favouriting function, which allows you to build your own customised list of guides.

Simple pricing


Gain access to our collection of 100+ guides and be the first to receive our latest content.


Per user/year


We’ve had some great feedback

“This app has been a godsend for studying OSCEs. It is regularly updated with new things and is simple to follow.”

App Store reviewer

“Honestly one of the best resources I’ve used to study and prepare for OSCEs. Clear and laid out in a great easy to follow approach”

App Store reviewer



Frequently asked questions

How do I unsubscribe from the app?

If you’re unsure how to unsubscribe from the Geeky Medics app, check out the links below to the relevant guide:

Can I transfer my app subscription between iOS and Android?

Your app subscription allows you to use your app on any device (or multiple devices) with the same operating system (e.g. an iPhone + iPad or Android phone + Android tablet). To use the app on both iOS and Android, you will need to purchase two separate subscriptions. This is because although the Geeky Medics app looks very similar on iOS and Android, it is, in fact, a completely separate app, with its own associated costs of ongoing development and maintenance. As a result, the only feasible way we afford to offer an app on both platforms is to require separate payments for each. We hope you understand.