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Ascitic Fluid Analysis

A brief overview of ascitic fluid analysis, including how to interpret ascitic fluid results and how to differentiate between an exudate and a transudate.

Spirometry interpretation

This article provides a structured approach to spirometry interpretation, including how to differentiate between restrictive and obstructive lung disease.

Heart murmur types

This article outlines the normal cardiac cycle and provides an overview of the causes and recognition of common cardiac murmurs.

Visual field defects

Understanding the anatomy of the optic nerve and visual pathways is important for understanding how lesions in different locations will cause differential visual field defects. This article provides a brief overview of common visual field defects and the lesions associated with them.

Explaining a diagnosis of eczema – OSCE guide

Eczema is a common dermatological condition that affects children and adults. This article outlines the steps involved in explaining a new diagnosis of eczema to a patient in an OSCE setting and outlines the principles of its diagnosis and management.