Category: Respiratory

Tracheostomy Overview

An overview of tracheostomy, including the tracheostomy procedure, types of tracheostomy tubes, the tracheostomy weaning process and tracheostomy emergencies.


An overview of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and non-invasive ventilation (NIV/BiPAP), including physiology, indications and complications.

Spirometry Interpretation

This article provides a structured approach to spirometry interpretation, including how to differentiate between restrictive and obstructive lung disease.

Pulse Oximetry: Uses and Limitations

You will see pulse oximetry being used in a number of clinical settings, such as in the emergency department and in the operating theatre, to assess and monitor patients, so it is important to know about its uses and limitations, as well as how to interpret the readings that it produces.


A brief overview of asthma in both adults and children, including basic pathophysiology, signs, symptoms, investigations and management options.


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