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Geeky Medics is a leading global provider of high-quality medical education resources, trusted by a global audience of students and faculty. Many academic institutions and healthcare organisations recommend our materials to their students.

We offer a variety of flexible institutional licenses for our premium educational products, available on our innovative medical learning platform (Β 

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Product range

Our premium products are hosted on the Geeky Medics Platform, accessed via the web or our iOSΒ andΒ Android apps.

We currently offer the following products, which can be purchased individually or as a bundle:

We also offer an up-to-date and peer-reviewed clinical skills content library, including written guides (150+), video demonstrations (50+) and step-by-step images (1500+).Β 

Geeky Medics Platform

Geeky Medics Platform
The Geeky Medics Platform