Medicine Flashcard Collection

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Our Medical Flashcard CollectionΒ contains 2400+ high-quality flashcards covering a range of key medical topics.

These cards have been created to help you both developΒ andΒ refine your medical knowledge and provide high-yield facts for effective revision.

Our flashcard platform allows you toΒ review flashcards easily,Β bookmarkΒ those cards most relevant to you and evenΒ add your own notesΒ to flashcards for future review.

Flashcard examples

Here are a fewΒ examples of the medical flashcardsΒ contained in our collection ofΒ over 2400 cards. πŸ₯

Medicine flashcard examples
Medicine flashcard examples

Review flashcards by deck

We’ve arranged our Medical Flashcard Collection into topic-based decks, allowing you to quickly review a range of cards relevant to specific specialties (e.g. cardiology).

Medicine flashcard decks
Medicine flashcard deck examples

Review flashcards by tag

You can also build a dynamic deck of flashcards based on specific medical tags including:

  • Specialty (e.g. cardiology)
  • Topic (e.g. heart failure)
  • Focus (e.g. management)

You can choose to focus on cards you’ve previouslyΒ answered incorrectly orΒ new cards you haven’t been shown before.Β 

Medicine flashcard tagged setup
Medicine flashcard tagged setup

Review flashcards by bookmark

You can also generate a dynamic flashcard deck from cards you’ve previously bookmarked orΒ answered incorrectly.

Medicine flashcard bookmark setup
Bookmarked flashcard setup example

Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition is a technique for improving theΒ retention of information. It works by spacing out the intervals between review sessions. This spacing allows you to consolidate information makingΒ it more likely you will recall it in the future.

Take advantage of our spaced repetition mode to increase your long-term retention of knowledge by surfacing cards you find most challenging more frequently than those you’ve already mastered.

Flashcard Spaced Repetition
Flashcard spaced repetition

Add personal notes

You can also easily add personal notes to any flashcard, which will appear whenever you review the card.

Medicine flashcard note example
Medicine flashcard note example

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