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SCA revision made easy with over 150 cases

The Geeky Medics bank of 150+Β SCA cases provides everything you need to revise for the Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA).Β 

Each case has been crafted to reflect the SCA format accurately and reviewed by expert authors, including GP trainers and Training Program Directors (TPDs).

Our innovative Group Practice Mode makes it easy to prepare with others, including assigning roles and providing feedback for later review.

Our online platform has been built to vastly improve the experience of preparing for the SCA compared to using a SCA case book.

SCA cases
The Geeky Medics SCA platform

Components of a SCA case

Each case includes the following components:

  • Candidate brief | A 3-minute timer counts down whilst you review the case brief
  • Patient script | A detailed script to facilitate a realistic patient simulation
  • Examiner checklist | An interactive mark scheme mapped to the RCGP SCA domains
  • Examiner walkthroughΒ | A summary from the GP case author on how the scenario should be approached and key learning points
  • Useful links |Β A curated list of links to high-quality resources relevant to the case

SCA scenarios

Every one of our SCA cases is mapped to the RCGP’s clinical experience groups:Β 

  • Patient less than 19 years old
  • Gender, reproductive and sexual health, including women’s, men’s, LGBTQ+, gynaecology and breast
  • Long-term condition, including cancer, multi-morbidity, and disability
  • Older adults, including frailty and people at the end of life
  • Mental health, including addiction, smoking, alcohol, substance misuse
  • Urgent and unscheduled care
  • Health disadvantage and vulnerabilities, including veterans, mental capacity, safeguarding, and communication difficulties
  • Ethnicity, culture, diversity, inclusivity
  • New presentation of undifferentiated disease
  • Prescribing
  • Investigation/results
  • Professional conversation/professional dilemma

SCA cases with mark schemes

Each SCA case has an interactive mark scheme mapped to the specifics of the scenario AND the SCA assessment domains, including:

  • Data gathering and diagnosis (DG&D)
  • Clinical management and medical complexity (CM&C)
  • Relating to others (RTO)
  • Global impression

SCA group study mode

The Geeky Medics SCA platform makes it easy to practise as a group by sharing a PIN with colleagues and assigning them the relevant roles (e.g. candidate, patient, examiner).

SCA cases group practice
Group practice mode

SCA performance analysis

The Geeky Medics platform also allows you to gain key insights into your strengths and weaknesses and track your performance over time, including:

  • Domain based scoring
  • Detailed data on key points you missed
  • Duration of each case attempt
  • An examiner walkthrough of how to approach the station
Try out the SCA cases and let us know what you think! πŸ™‚

Create your own SCA cases & circuits for FREE

Make sure to try our SCA Case Creator, a FREE innovative tool that makes it easy to create and shareΒ cases.

Any personal SCA cases you create using the tool benefit from all of the advanced features our platform offers including group practice mode and advanced performance analytics.

You can also organise multiple SCA cases into circuits to simulate a clinic and easily share them with other trainees.

SCA case creator tool
Free SCA Case Creator tool
Try out some free SCA cases here, and let us know what you think! πŸ™‚


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