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ECG Case Collection

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The Geeky Medics ECG Case Collection contains over 85 ECG cases, which will help you learn to interpret ECGs using a systematic approach

Each real-life ECG has a step-by-step interpretation and detailed explanation written by expert clinicians.

ECG case bank

Key features

Test your ECG interpretation skills

Each ECG case includes a clinical scenario and real-life ECG.

You can then test your ECG interpretation skills using our interactive platform. After entering your systematic interpretation, you will be shown the correct interpretation with a detailed explanation of the ECG.

Example ECG case bank
An example of a case from our ECG case bank

85+ ECG cases

Our ECG case collection covers common types of ECG abnormalities

  • Arrhythmias
  • Ischaemic heart disease
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Cardiac arrest rhythms
  • Paced rhythms
  • ….and more, including electrolyte abnormalities
Learn to recognise key ECG diagnoses by working through our ECG cases. With our advanced platform, you can select ECGs based on ECG category (arrhythmias, cardiac arrest rhythms, ischaemic heart disease). 

Detailed ECG explanations

Each ECG has a detailed explanation of the systematic interpretation of the ECG and an overall explanation written by a senior clinician. 

Our ECG explanations are designed to help you improve your ECG interpretation skills by helping you understand the underlying pathology causing the ECG changes.

Example ECG case bank explanation
Example explanation from our ECG case bank

Other ECG resources

We know learning to interpret ECGs can be challenging. As well as our ECG case collection, we have several free articles relevant to ECGs:


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