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Geeky Medics has built a reputation as a global medical education platform and a leading producer of high-quality educational resources

What we offer

πŸ’ŠΒ Comprehensive OSCE preparation resources, including written guides, checklists, flashcards, video demonstrations and mock OSCE stations

πŸ“š Interactive question bank and flashcard platform with advanced AI & spaced repetition technology

πŸ₯ Clinical topic summaries mapped to the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA)

πŸ“± iOS and Android mobile app

Who we are


I’m Lewis, a GP Registrar and the Founder of Geeky Medics. I started this project 12 years ago when I was a medical student and was frustrated that online medical education was a bit rubbish. I certainly didn’t anticipate that I’d still be working on my little project all these years later, but I’m really glad to be here.

Lots of things have changed since Geeky Medics started. My favourite has been the development of a vibrant, diverse, global community of medical students, doctors, nurses, paramedics, physician associates, dentists, pharmacists, midwives and other healthcare professionals. The Geeky Medics community is why I still feel so passionate about this project!

Over time we’ve also developed a team of brilliant educators who are helping to expand the reach and impact of Geeky Medics. We’ve now had over a quarter of a billion views of our content from an audience spanning more than 150 countries, which I continue to find astonishing.

Dr Lewis Potter
Founder & GP Registrar

P.S. My mum recently discovered one of my terrible initial sketches of the original Geeky Medics website design, so I thought I’d immortalise it here.

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