Geeky Medics Fellowship (1-year)

We're now taking expressions of interest for a paid fellowship working in a variety of roles within the Geeky Medics team beginning in August 2023. As part of this role, you'd have the opportunity to gain skills in areas such as product design, leadership, content creation and research. This role is suited to individuals taking time out of formal training (post-finals/post-foundation) who are interested in medical education and how technology can be used to deliver it at scale to a global audience.

OSCE Station Author

Develop new OSCE station scenarios for our innovative OSCE station platform

OSCE Station Lead Editor

Lead our OSCE Station Editorial process including liaising with authors and shaping curricular coverage

Geeky Medics Article Author ✍️

Write an article on a topic from our Editor's list and share it with the community

Marketing Lead

Interested in keeping our community up to date about our latest products, features and initiatives? Get in touch.

PSA Question Author

Write high-quality single best answer questions (SBAQs) for our PSA question pack

Medical Finals MCQ Author πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Write high-quality single best answer questions (SBAQs) for our medical finals question pack and be paid on a per question basis (competitive rates)

Clinical Skills Video Producer for Youtube

Interested in producing videos explaining key clinical skills (e.g. data interpretation, comm skills) for over 980k subscribers? Get in touch.

Short Form Video Producer (Shorts/TikTok)

Interested in producing short form vertical videos for over 980k subscribers? Get in touch.