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Top Tips for Writing a Great Personal Statement

When it comes to writing your personal statement for medicine, having a clear focus and message is key. You’re trying to stand out from hundreds of other applicants, whilst being completely honest and true to yourself.
This article provides several tips to improve your personal statement.

Top Tips for the UKCAT

We’ve gathered together a bunch of useful tips for the UKCAT with the aim of helping to improve your chances of getting a great score on the UKCAT! All of our tips are written by medical students who obtained high scores on the UKCAT.

Why Plastic is Fantastic

Plastic surgery is one of the most diverse and exciting of all the surgical disciplines but at times rather mysterious and a little misunderstood. In this article, I aim to introduce you to the basics of a discipline that has kept me interested and learning for the last 20 years.

Life is not easy

The lone neurosurgeon who caters to a region of 17 million in Sub-Saharan Africa says this with a heavy sigh, as he once again cheats death and beats the odds by saving another life in far from ideal conditions.

Tip of the Iceberg

I’ve heard and read stories about doctors or medical students whose lives, perspectives or goals were changed forever on the day they met (insert name here) or saw (insert procedure here). I actually love reading those stories, which is part of the reason why I wanted to write blog posts. I loved the idea of my experiences inspiring another person.