Create Your Own SCA Revision Cases

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Create your own SCA cases

Our free SCA creator tool enables you to create, share and practise mock SCA cases to help you revise for the MRCGP Simulated Consultation Assessment.

You can easily create realistic SCA cases using our SCA case creator tool. Each case is made up of candidate instructions,Β patient instructions andΒ examiner instructionsΒ (including a checklist and examiner walkthrough).

Candidate instructions

The candidate instructions (also called candidate brief) section of our tool allows you to provide relevant background information for the candidate before they start the consultation. Candidates have three minutes to read these instructions before the consultation starts.

Our SCA creator tool allows you to include:

  • Notes from recent consultations
  • Images (e.g. a picture of a rash submitted by the patient)
  • Recent test results
  • Past medical history
  • Medications
  • Letters from other healthcare professionals
SCA revision cases - candidate instructions
Example of candidate instructions you can create

Patient instructions

The patient instructions section of our toolΒ provides the person playing the role of the patient with information such as their symptoms and other relevant history (e.g. ideas, concerns and expectations).

Our SCA creator toolΒ provides a simple editing interface, allowing you to build a script that is easy to read with all the necessary details.

SCA revision cases - patient instructions
An example of patient instructions

Examiner instructions

You can build an interactive mark scheme for each case. Each mark scheme can beΒ mapped to theΒ specifics of the scenario and the SCA assessment domains, including:

  • Data gathering and diagnosis (DG&D)
  • Clinical management and medical complexity (CM&C)
  • Relating to others (RTO)
  • Global impression


You might also be interested in our collection of Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA) cases, written by expert authors and tailored to match the exam format.

Practise your cases with study partners

The Geeky Medics SCA platform makes practising your cases as a group easy by sharing a PIN with colleagues and assigning them the relevant roles (e.g. candidate,Β patient,Β examiner).

Using cases is one of the most effective ways toΒ revise for the SCA, and our platform makes this easy!Β 

SCA cases group practice
Group practice mode

SCA performance analysis

The Geeky Medics SCA platform lets you track your performance over time as you prepare for the SCA. Following each case, you can review:

  • Domain based scoring
  • Detailed data onΒ key points you missed
  • DurationΒ of each case attempt
  • AnΒ examiner walkthroughΒ of how to approach the station

Premium SCA cases

The Geeky Medics bank ofΒ 120+ ready-made SCA casesΒ provides everything you need toΒ revise for theΒ Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA).Β 

Each case has been crafted toΒ reflect the SCA formatΒ accurately and reviewed byΒ expert authors, includingΒ GP trainersΒ andΒ Training Program Directors (TPDs).Β 

SCA cases
The Geeky Medics SCA case bank


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