Virtual Patients for OSCE Preparation

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History taking with a virtual patient

Enhance your history taking skills and OSCE preparation with the Geeky Medics collection of AI-powered simulated patients.

Our advancedΒ AI technology lets you chat naturally with our range of simulated patients to practice yourΒ history taking andΒ clinical reasoning skills.Β 

You can chat with our virtual patientsΒ anytime, letting you practice OSCEs on the go. You can choose to interact byΒ typing, or you can speak into your microphone to simulate a real consultation.Β 

Try our free collection of virtual patients, and let us know how you do!Β 
AI history taking example
Chat with our AI-powered virtual patients

Each scenario covers every area you’d be expected to address in a real consultation or OSCE station. This makes it the ideal tool to refine your history taking skills.

Try our free collection of virtual patients, and let us know how you do!Β 

Work towards establishing a diagnosis and test your diagnostic reasoning skills. Once finished, you can reveal the diagnosis and answer practice viva questions similar to what may be asked in your real OSCE, helping to improve your confidence and knowledge of the condition.

All virtual patient presentations are mapped to the UK Medical Licensing Assessment.Β 

AI history taking viva questions
Test your understanding of the suspected diagnosis, and its management

Key features

  • Intelligent AI-powered virtual patients you can chat with naturally πŸ’¬
  • Interact by typingΒ or using your voice πŸ”Š
  • Comprehensive patient scripts with realistic presentations and detailed histories πŸ“–
  • Viva questions to test your knowledge of the condition and improve your confidence πŸ“˜
  • Conditions and presentations mapped to the UK Medical Licensing AssessmentΒ πŸ₯
  • MultipleΒ languages supported 🌏
  • Available to all subscribers of our OSCE Stations product  🩺


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