Anatomy Spotter Stations

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Anatomy exams made easy with over 70 spotter stations

The Geeky Medics collection of anatomy spotter stations provides everything you need to prepare for your anatomy exams. Our anatomy spotter stations are part of our comprehensive collection of 1,300 premium OSCE stations.Β 

Each anatomy station includes the following components:

  • Candidate instructions (the brief before beginning a station)
  • Anatomical diagram/image
  • Examiner questions (an interactive set of questions to assess the student’s anatomical knowledge)Β 

Our collection of anatomy spotter stations covers major anatomical areas, including:

  • Head and neck anatomy
  • Thorax and abdomen
  • Upper and lower limbs
  • Pelvis and perineum
Anatomy spotters
Examples of anatomy spotters in our growing collection of anatomy stations

Easily create a mock anatomy spotter exam for FREE

Our software makes building and running a mock anatomy spotter exam easy. You can choose from our selection of high-quality anatomy spotters or create one yourself using our intuitive OSCE Creator Tool.Β 

Simply create a circuit by tapping the ‘Add to circuit’ button on the stations you want to include in the mock circuit, and then share this with those who want to participate.

You can then use our ‘Group Study Mode’ to assign rolesΒ (e.g. student, examiner) for each station using a PIN.

We’ve produced a brief video showing you how to create your own stations and organise them into circuits to share with others. πŸ™‚

How do I prepare for my anatomy spotter exams?

The key to anatomy spotter preparation is practice! Our anatomy stations make that easy by providing everything you need, including the answers to commonly asked viva questions.

Our anatomy spotter stations cover high-yield anatomical facts andΒ clinically relevant anatomy. You may also be interested in our comprehensive Anatomy Flashcard collection.

Create your own anatomy spotter stations

You can also create your own bank of anatomy spotter stations for free using our ‘OSCE Station Creator‘ and then share them with others.

Anatomy spotter creation
Our station creator tool makes it easy to create anatomy spotter stations

You can learn more about our OSCE Station Creator here.

Other anatomy resources


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