Write Questions for Geeky Medics

We’re always looking for fantastic medical educators to author excellent content for the Geeky Medics community.

If you’re interested in writing MCQs for our free quiz platform, you’ve come to the right place (see below)!

If you’re interested in writing articles for us, head over to the Editor’s list to learn more.

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Question writing

If you’re interested in writing some single best answer (SBA) or multiple choice questions for our free quiz platform (geekyquiz.com) then we’d love for you to get involved.

You can write and submit your questions directly on the platform. Your questions will then be reviewed and published for others to answer if they meet our quality standards (make sure to read our question writing guide before submitting any questions).

Rewards for your contribution:

  • You’ll get statistics on how many people are using your questions and you’ll earn various geeky achievements tied to milestones on the platform.
  • You can generate a personalised PDF certificate that includes statistics on how many contributions you’ve made, how many times your questions have been answered by others and where in the world your questions are having the greatest educational impact. This certificate can be used as evidence of your contribution to the community and overall dedication to medical education.

How do I contribute questions?

1. Register for an account at geekyquiz.com

2. Click the “Contribute a Question” option in the left sidebar in the quiz section

3. Submit your question

4. We’ll aim to review it within 4 weeks and you’ll get an email when your question has been approved

What do I get out of this?

A geeky certificate that you can include in your portfolio (and, references too, should you need them). We recently had a contributor let us know that it had been a talking point in their core surgical interview!

Most importantly, if you create great educational content you’ll likely help hundreds of thousands of other students and doctors. That’s the kind of thing that really motivates us here at Geeky Medics.


You can contact us at [email protected]