Write For Geeky Medics

Who can get involved?

We’re always looking for great medical educators, both current students and qualified doctors.

As hard as we try we just can’t create content fast enough to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the worldwide Geeky Medics audience (they’re a hungry lot!).

That’s where you can heroically step in and save the day!

What will I write?

Choose an item from the Editor’s List. That’s where you’ll find a list of content that we’re looking for right now or in the coming months. Or, send us a new idea!

Write a blog post, sharing your experiences, cases, and reflections which you feel would be helpful, exciting or inspiring for current students, prospective students or those already practising (read more here).


Explore the website and make sure that we haven’t published something similar before.

Keep the reader in mind. You’re writing for undergraduate and graduate medical students looking to pass exams efficiently, survive the first days of clinical life and gain competency for the foundation years.

Reference your article (and, use reputable sources. No wiki, please!).

Ask your peers and clinical supervisor to review your article for accuracy.

Other ways to be involved

Help us on our brand new MCQ / SBA quiz project (read more here).

What do I get out of this?

A super geeky 8-bit themed certificate that you can include in your portfolio (and, references too, should you need them). We recently had a contributor let us know that it had been a talking point in their core surgical interview!

What’s more, if you create something of value there’s the potential for it to help hundreds of thousands of other students. That’s just the kind of thing that really motivates us here at Geeky Medics.

How do I send you my work (and ideas)?

Send us your pitch for an article via this form.

Send us your pitch for a blog post via this form

If we like it, we’ll be in touch to have you write your first draft.

Following submission of your first draft, you’ll receive the final decision on publication of your article within two months. This process takes time all content is reviewed and edited.

Questions? Let us know on Twitter @geekymedics or email us at hey@geekymedics.com