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What is Notebook?

Notebook contains a collection of succinct topic summaries that have been crafted with exam preparation in mind. As a result, Notebook allows you to quickly review key topics and even bookmark those most relevant to you.


Can I add my own notes?

Yes! You can add your own notes below each section of a topic, allowing you to personalise Notebook with the information most relevant to you.ย 

Example of personal notes


How does Notebook work with quiz questions?

Relevant sections from Notebook are surfaced alongside questions of the same topic, allowing you to revise as you move through a quiz. For example, if you answer a question about asthma management, we intelligently surface the management section of the asthma Notebook summary (after the question’s explanation). If you happen to have made notes on this section of the asthma summary, those will show up too and you can always add or change your notes, even whilst in a quiz. Pretty cool right?


How do I access Notebook?

To access Notebook, you’ll need to subscribe to our Supporter Tier, which also provides you with a ton of other features including:

  • Create unlimited personal flashcards which can take advantage of our excellent flashcard review features.
  • Generate quizzes based on presenting complaints (e.g. chest pain).
  • Generate quizzes based on question focus (e.g. investigation, management)
  • Generate quizzes based on specific regions of the body (e.g. ear, gluteal region)
  • See a week-by-week performance chart detailing your progress
  • Compare your performance on each topic to others at your educational stage
  • Generate flashcard decks based on your own tags or bookmarks
Examples of Supporter Tier features

Are you done adding features to Notebook?

The short answer is absolutely not. This is just the beginning for Notebook, we have some pretty exciting features coming in the next few months in addition to continuing to expand the total number of summaries.

If you have any features or topics you’d like to see added to Notebook, drop me an email at [email protected].

I hope you find this new feature useful!




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