Stomas explained

Confused about stomas? Can’t tell an ileostomy from a colostomy? This guide provides a succinct overview of the different types of stomas, including how to differentiate them clinically.

Hernias Explained

A succinct explanation of hernias, including anatomy of the inguinal canal, causes and management. We also discuss ways to clinically differentiate direct and indirect inguinal hernias.

Abdominal X-ray interpretation

Abdominal X-rays (AXRs) are a commonly performed radiological investigation that you’ll be expected to be capable of interpreting . Therefore before hitting the wards as doctors it is essential that you develop the ability to interpret abdominal x-rays.

Hernia Examination – OSCE guide

An overview of how to perform a hernia examination in an OSCE setting. It also includes a generic approach to assessing lumps and discusses how to differentiate between direct and indirect inguinal hernias.


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