Author: Dr Petal Elder

Life Lessons from Medical School: You are Enough. There is Enough.

I refuse to sugar-coat it: studying medicine is utterly, mind-bogglingly challenging. It is analogous to a long boxing match: you get knocked down but you get back up again because the rewards are worth fighting for. However, sometimes when you are down, black-eyed and bloodied mouth, you feel absolutely worthless. You lose a fight and you wonder if this path you have chosen is actually worth fighting for. How can you possibly measure up to the highly capable and talented individuals you work with? Am I really good enough? Do I have what it takes to succeed? Am I...

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Life is not easy

The lone neurosurgeon who caters to a region of 17 million in Sub-Saharan Africa says this with a heavy sigh, as he once again cheats death and beats the odds by saving another life in far from ideal conditions.

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