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Urology Quiz

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Put your knowledge of urology to the test with this fact-packed urology quiz.

Female catheterisation post pic

Urology quiz

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What area does prostate cancer spread to most frequently?

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How does testicular torsion typically present?

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What are the risk factors for developing germ cell tumours?

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What type of testicular tumour fits this description?

A homogenous and painless mass with the absence of haemorrhage. On histology, findings include large cells in lobules with clear cytoplasm β€˜fried egg appearance’.

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What is the causative agent of condyloma acuminatum?

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What tumour is characterised by findings of β€˜Schiller Duval bodies’ on histology and raised levels of AFP on blood tests?

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What is priapism?

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Are testicular tumours usually biopsied?

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What is the best description for the area of the prostate that the carcinoma usually affects?

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Do varicoceles typically appear on the right side or the left side?

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What is hypospadias?

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What is the most common congenital male reproductive disorder?

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What is the grading system for prostatic cancer?

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