Child Development Quiz

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Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz focusing on child development and key developmental milestones.

Child development quiz

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Around what age should a child be able to build a tower of three building blocks?

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A resurgence of which hormone precipitates puberty?

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Which of the following is an example of "Double-syllable babble" displayed by an infant around 9-12 months?

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What is the cut-off for an acceptable weight loss in the first 7 days of life?

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How is the seasonal flu vaccination usually administered in children aged 2 and 3?

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Which of the following sentences best describes meconium?

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At what age should a child be referred to a paediatrician if they have not started to walk?

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AtΒ what age should a childΒ develop a mature pincer grip?

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Which of the following should be avoided when weaning a child of 7 months?

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In normal fine motor development, which of the following should occur first?

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