Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) Practical Skills

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All medical students in the UK will need to pass the UK Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) before being able to join the medical register and work as a doctor. The MLA will consist of two parts:

  • Applied knowledge test (AKT): a 200-question online multiple choice exam using single best answer (SBA) questions
  • Clinical and professional skills assessmentΒ (CPSA): a practical examination (e.g. OSCE) run by medical schools

The medical licensing assessment content map sets out the content which could be tested as part of the MLA, either as part of the AKTΒ orΒ CPSA.Β 

As part of theΒ clinical and professional skills assessment (CPSA), medical students may be expected to perform various practical skills in an examination setting. Medical schools will be responsible for running the CPSA in line with the requirements of the General Medical Council.Β 

Being familiar with these practical skills and procedures is important before taking the CPSA. The General Medical Council outline the practical skills they expect newly qualified doctors to be able to perform in Outcomes for Graduates (practical skills and procedures).

We’ve included the list of practical skills and procedures for the MLA below, with relevant links to Geeky Medics OSCE guides.Β 

Practical skills for the MLA

Visit our practical skills OSCE category for our complete range of clinical skills guides.Β 

Patient assessment πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

Diagnostic procedures πŸ’‰

Patient care βš•οΈ

Prescribing πŸ’Š

Therapeutic procedures πŸ₯


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